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1. "Imprint" - Pippa Jay
2. "Allure" - Amy Laurens
3. "Nobody's Present" - Marcella Burnard
4. "The Stranger" - Kyndra Hatch
5. "Mission: Nam Selan" - Linnea Sinclair
6. "Prime Sensations" - Liana Brooks
 7. "Envy's Revenge" - Berinn Rae
8. "Whiskey and Starshine" - Erica Hayes


Experience love and adventure among the stars in TALES FROM THE SFR BRIGADE, a free digital anthology of eight Science Fiction Romance stories.

*A space captain discovers the cyborg she loves just might be her greatest enemy.
*A mind-wiped prostitute risks all when she recruits a dangerous stranger to help her escape a terrible fate.
*A prisoner-of-war confronts the comrade who loved her, then left her for dead.
*A space-obsessed physics teacher is kidnapped by a far-too-charming alien..
*An apocalypse survivor battles the biomech-enhanced hunter who seeks to capture her.
*A young artist must choose between her comfortable life on Earth or a war-torn space colony with her beloved.
*A daring thief is on the run from the alien law man who is determined to bring her to justice.
*A widowed rebel leader tries to save the last remnants of humanity, one stranger at a time.

From Earth to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, explore the worlds of Science Fiction Romance with stories from Linnea Sinclair, Marcella Burnard, Erica Hayes, Liana Brooks, Pippa Jay, Berinn Rae, Amy Laurens, and Kyndra Hatch


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