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Friday, February 3, 2017


Last week was a big one for Spacefreighters Lounge authors Laurie A. Green, Pippa Jay and Donna S. Frelick as they swooped in and snapped up not just one or two, but FOUR SFR Galaxy Awards!

Laurie's multi-author Pets in Space anthology won recognition twice as two different judges awarded the book "Best Anthology" and "Best Interstellar Menagerie."

Pippa's short story "Quick Shot" won the award for "Grittiest Hot and Fast Story."

Donna's third novel in the Interstellar Rescue series, Fools Rush In, was  awarded the "Series That Just keeps Getting Better" title.


The SFR Galaxy Awards were established five years ago by blogger, author and all-around SFR cheerleader Heather Massey as a means of advocating for our diverse, unique genre. They are meant to recognize excellence in the field of science fiction romance, without forcing judges (themselves authors, bloggers and reviewers) to stick to arbitrary, unwieldy categories. 

Abducted by tentacled aliens from Orion and somehow missed these great reads? Check out the buy links on the Novels Tab above!

The winners of my Fools Rush In audiobook giveaway are: Ilona Fenton, Effie Kattalakis and Sarah Ulfers! Congrats, y'all! Contact me on my Facebook Author page with your email addresses so I can send you your prizes! 

Cheers, Donna


  1. Congrats to us - we done good! :P Quickshot and Fools aren't in the sidebar though.

  2. Well done ladies. Maybe someday I will aspire to your heights.


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